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So I am parting with my beloved rose bushes. The Lavender Pinocchio picked up some aphids and powdery mildew, and it'd just break my heart to see it succumb to disease. I know it will if this keeps up; the landlord's sprinklers have been getting the leaves wet (conversely without getting the soil wet enough to do any good) and there really isn't enough good sun for roses under the eaves where I've been forced to put my pots.

So, I've given otana a listing for Freecycle. Also, anyone here who wants a Lavender Pinocchio, Marilyn Monroe, or Lagerfeld rose, plus a Jackmanii clematis, blue sky vine and happy periwinkle, they are up for grabs to good homes. Rosarian or normal gardener, anyone who can give them proper care - after all, I'm parting with them to save them!

I'm in Culver City/Santa Monica, BTW.

Free to a GOOD HOME - Three standard-size roses in 2' diameter pots. One strong person may be able to move solo, but two are recommended. Warning - roses have thorns - bring garden gloves if you have them!

Pot 1:

Rose: Floribunda "Lavender Pinnochio." Recent conditions at our apartment complex have not been kind, but it is a good hardy plant. Should recover well from aphids & powdery mildew if given lots of sun and water. Currently budding.

Clematis: Jackmanii. Good health, coming into bud soon.

Ground cover: Periwinkle "Vinca minor." Good health.

NOTE: This pot has seen better years and may not survive the move, as it is little more than wood slats held together by the dirt inside! Have something prepared to re-pot or plant in the ground; do not be surprised if you are carrying a bare root ball when this is all over. This pot fits in the average sedan back seat but you will want to use a tarp unless you plan on growing a garden right there in your car.

Pot 2:

Roses: Hybrid Tea "Marilyn Munroe" and Grandiflora "Lagerfeld." Both roses slightly dry but in good health.

Vine: Blue sky vine (Thunbergia). See . Will need to be cut away from trellis, however it has been severely cut back for moving before and sprung back with a vengance. Expect an enthusiastic, tough climber.

NOTE: Pot should fit into an average-sized front seat, but may need pruning to fit. Wood-slat pot in good condition.
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