Manawolf (manawolf) wrote in socal_gardens,

Plant Porn

Well, I'm busy - no posts here for months, and then, bam, two in a week!

A list completely for my own gratuitousness, plants that appeal and plants I want to consider for my garden:

English Butterfly Bush Adonis Blue
English Butterfly Bush Purple Emperor
Darwin's Blue Speedwell
East Friesland Hardy Sage
Blue Glow Globe Thistle
Sunset Hyssop
Provence French Lavender
European Cutleaf Sage
Café Olé (and again)
Distant Drums
Quiet Time
Scented Gereniums (choose just one? Yeah, right)
California Lilac

... Yes, I'm a sucker for purple & blue flowers. And I go for odd-colored roses. I'm also starting to take note of more fragrant roses, since that is what otana likes. :3

I've also noticed that geraniums are growing in cinderblock "containers" (i.e. blocks turned on their sides w/the holes filled in with dirt) with fairly little maintenance. Scented geraniums may be a viable gardening option pour moi.
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