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Greetings to All,
I have been a novice gardener all my life. Though my fiance and I live in an apartment e have a small yard and also a friend with a huge hill and spacious yard that we three garden in every year. Just last night my fiance and I planted our first seeds of the season. Romaine lettuce, Chives, Snap peas, butter lettuce, and later on in thr month we will plant roma tomatoes, sweet pea flowers, bell peppers, and cerrano peppers, cucumbers...
In doors I have a few orchids, a fern, and i sent away for a red leaf maple seedling from japense-mple.com. I was inspired by a friend who has a 3 tiered wooden plant stand that japanese. I have one as well, but do not use it becuase i have no plants to fill it up and no space. but I hope to remedy that as my friends just looked so awesome in his apaprtment entry way covered in happy little green seedlings.
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