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Hello all!! 8)

I'm new to this community. What a wonderful place! I still want to poke around and look at people's pictures cuz they're SO inspiring!! 8)

I have a couple questions I hope someone can give advice on..
We have some 5gal rose bushes that my mom just kinda stuck in larger plastic containers, but never actually planted them. They really need a permanent home though so I want to plant them in nice containers.

Do the big clay pots do anything special like keep the soil temperature lower and allow aeration?? And if clay pots are the way to go, is there anywhere that they sell those fairly big (10gal?) ones at good prices?

Plumeria question:
I just got a 5gal baby Plumeria tree. Would it grow & bloom okay in a big pot too, or would it do better in the ground???

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