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Lemongrass where art thou

I should rename this community "FUCK LANDLORDS." Because seriously, what.

Over a period of time, my bitty 3" sprigs of lemongrass grew to what were easily 4' tall beasties, with oodles of thick stalks which were powerfully fragrant when brushed. We used them in Thai coconut soup (tom kha) for the most part, not a frequent occurrence, but when we did, it was more than worth it to snip a few and have fresh home-grown lemongrass stalks flavoring the broth.

Well, we were making soup yesterday evening and went out to cut some... and found it gone. Not pruned, not moved, but uprooted like a weed and discarded somewhere unknown like so much crabgrass. Which is pretty special considering how strongly they smelled when bruised. You'd have to be pretty oblivious to continue thinking they were weeds long enough to remove three entire plants of the stuff.

Are y'all territorial about your plants? Because I am.

He tried to give me the runaround when I called him (a couple hours ago now), saying he didn't know I had plants (we've been over this before), that he wasn't responsible (oh yeah? He hired the gardeners!), he hadn't given me permission to plant in the ground (these were plants in pots), he didn't know why the gardeners would have had any reason to touch potted plants (well obviously they DID)...

He said he would look into it. Yes, you do that.

If push comes to shove, it's small claims court, baby. I want those plants replaced, and a lemongrass plant that size runs $30 easy. Multiply by three and you have what I want - cash or grass, so long as it fits the bill. (3" starter plants will NOT do.)

In the meantime, I had to go to the grocery store to get stalks I should have been able to cut (at higher quality) from my own garden. Major suck.
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So I am parting with my beloved rose bushes. The Lavender Pinocchio picked up some aphids and powdery mildew, and it'd just break my heart to see it succumb to disease. I know it will if this keeps up; the landlord's sprinklers have been getting the leaves wet (conversely without getting the soil wet enough to do any good) and there really isn't enough good sun for roses under the eaves where I've been forced to put my pots.

So, I've given otana a listing for Freecycle. Also, anyone here who wants a Lavender Pinocchio, Marilyn Monroe, or Lagerfeld rose, plus a Jackmanii clematis, blue sky vine and happy periwinkle, they are up for grabs to good homes. Rosarian or normal gardener, anyone who can give them proper care - after all, I'm parting with them to save them!

I'm in Culver City/Santa Monica, BTW.

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Plant Porn

Well, I'm busy - no posts here for months, and then, bam, two in a week!

A list completely for my own gratuitousness, plants that appeal and plants I want to consider for my garden:

English Butterfly Bush Adonis Blue
English Butterfly Bush Purple Emperor
Darwin's Blue Speedwell
East Friesland Hardy Sage
Blue Glow Globe Thistle
Sunset Hyssop
Provence French Lavender
European Cutleaf Sage
Café Olé (and again)
Distant Drums
Quiet Time
Scented Gereniums (choose just one? Yeah, right)
California Lilac

... Yes, I'm a sucker for purple & blue flowers. And I go for odd-colored roses. I'm also starting to take note of more fragrant roses, since that is what otana likes. :3

I've also noticed that geraniums are growing in cinderblock "containers" (i.e. blocks turned on their sides w/the holes filled in with dirt) with fairly little maintenance. Scented geraniums may be a viable gardening option pour moi.
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A post (gasp)!

So, the weather this winter did a number on my plants. So did the fact that I went through a lazy-ass stage where I neglected to water them for a few months... a surprising number of plants survived this, including both my rosebushes! I also still have lots of sweet alyssium naturalized in the ground around the pots; I'd have thought the soil far too clay-heavy and dry to support them for long.

Not much is left of my herbs though; the rosemary is hanging on by a thread. I should try planting that in the ground instead of the clay pot, it does well in this climate. The lemongrass is turning out to be more tenacious than I gave it credit for.

Both the clematis are either dead or hibernating. I can never tell. We'll see what comes back this spring.

The verbena has developed some burn spots on its leaves... I'm not certain if this is due to the neighbor's dogs peeing in the area (I've told her to keep them away from my pots, but she isn't always watching where they go) or something else.

Said neighbor was watering dustmeat's hibiscus during my afore-mentioned lapse (dog-owning neighbor isn't all bad), but all of a sudden it wilted and dropped all its leaves! I took it back to my side of the walk and gave it a good pruning. There were several buds starting and nothing seemed genuinely dead, so all is not lost for the bush with the eye-melting pink flowers.

All my succulents are happy, of course. Sometimes I think I should give up and go all-succulent, as they put up with random periods of neglect better than roses, passionflower, herbs and sky vine. Water-wise gardening, etc. But I love my flowers, especially the kind that grow on water-loving perennials

The overhang of the roof of my apartment complex prevents the plants from taking benefit of too much rain, but they did get a good dousing last night.

What's the state of your plants after this rough season?
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is it too late?

I've decided that I'm going to stay in my current apartment for awhile so I'm thinking I'll start a container garden. Is it too late for a planting? If so, what would you suggest planting? I'm not sure what's best for the colder months. I'd like to plant some veggies and herbs primarily, though some flowers would be nice to pretty up the balcony.

Community Gardens...

I've seen a lot of posts about community gardens recently. I did some research and now I'm looking for one close to me. I can't seem to find one that isn't a hour or more away. Does anyone know if there is a community garden near the Burbank, Ca area?


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i want to know what will ensure my aloe plant large and healthy, any suggestions of anything helpful? it's fairly big now, i'm just curious as to what will make it even bigger, faster.