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A post (gasp)!

So, the weather this winter did a number on my plants. So did the fact that I went through a lazy-ass stage where I neglected to water them for a few months... a surprising number of plants survived this, including both my rosebushes! I also still have lots of sweet alyssium naturalized in the ground around the pots; I'd have thought the soil far too clay-heavy and dry to support them for long.

Not much is left of my herbs though; the rosemary is hanging on by a thread. I should try planting that in the ground instead of the clay pot, it does well in this climate. The lemongrass is turning out to be more tenacious than I gave it credit for.

Both the clematis are either dead or hibernating. I can never tell. We'll see what comes back this spring.

The verbena has developed some burn spots on its leaves... I'm not certain if this is due to the neighbor's dogs peeing in the area (I've told her to keep them away from my pots, but she isn't always watching where they go) or something else.

Said neighbor was watering dustmeat's hibiscus during my afore-mentioned lapse (dog-owning neighbor isn't all bad), but all of a sudden it wilted and dropped all its leaves! I took it back to my side of the walk and gave it a good pruning. There were several buds starting and nothing seemed genuinely dead, so all is not lost for the bush with the eye-melting pink flowers.

All my succulents are happy, of course. Sometimes I think I should give up and go all-succulent, as they put up with random periods of neglect better than roses, passionflower, herbs and sky vine. Water-wise gardening, etc. But I love my flowers, especially the kind that grow on water-loving perennials

The overhang of the roof of my apartment complex prevents the plants from taking benefit of too much rain, but they did get a good dousing last night.

What's the state of your plants after this rough season?
Tags: alyssium, clay soil, clematis, climate change, herbs, hibiscus, lemongrass, rain, rosemary, winter
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